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That will be 1132% Interest Please

New Canadian payday loan law does little to prevent predatory lending. Borrowing $100 at a $31 fee for 10 days will cost borrowers over 1000% in interest...Canadian Payday Loan Scams

My Payday Loan Troubles

Deborah, Vancouver, BC, Canada ".all of a sudden I was short $400 at the end of the month for rent..." ..Read the story

Did you know?

The maximum APR legal in Canada is 60%! It is a criminal offence to charge more than 60% per year.

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Maximum Rates for Online Payday Loans

Currently Canadian Payday Loans and Cash Advances average is $280. Canadian laws establish usury laws allow a maximum 60% annual interest on a loan.

Short term payday loans are the highest interest loans in Canada and should be avoided whenever possible. We have put together a series Payday and Cash Advance company reviews. These reviews are for online and storefront loans: Company Reviews.